As the child takes his first step into the school, it is important that the experience makes him a lifelong learner. We at G.D.Goenka Global School are sensitive to this fact therefore we ensure the right learning environment for our students. The little ones need to explore the world as well as identify their latent talent and potential. Here is where their Gross Motor and Fine Motor development takes place. They develop their Social, Emotional, Communication and Mathematical Skills. We employ unconventional, yet highly engaging pedagogical methods, to develop our tiny tots into children who have the zeal to learn and discover. A suitably designed child- centered curriculum based on phonetics and multiple intelligences provides the children with a strong foundation of vocabulary and mathematics. The emphasis is on making our children into thinking children who will be the idea creators of tomorrow!

We also realise the importance of a strong value system. So our children will be global citizens with strength of character and integrity !